Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smartass Me!

I think I am smart.

So there I was in the act of booking a ticket on the British Airways website. Like the diligent and smart guy that I was, I had been tracking the prices everyday. It kept stable at 31K for the Friday that I needed the ticket for and I was pretty happy about it. I has been waiting for my new credit card which had just arrived.

Anticipating the need for a credit card I had signed up for one. Was not that smart!

Once I got it, I was just waiting for the right day.. Work in office and the PS3 at home. Not much time to book tickets.

Next day! Usual price check and I got a shock. Ticket for Friday at 41K and the cheapest was 35K on Sunday. Whoa! This was unexpected.

But then me was smart..So immediately re-planned my trip.. Sunday would work just fine. So started the process. BA website was very helpful and finally for the payment handed me off to the credit card site.

My first credit card transaction in my entire life on this planet... So carefully keyed in the data it asked.. card no.? yes sir... Name on card? yes sir.. Mobile no.? yes sir.. Email address? hmm.. No wrong email address!! Ooops.. what the heck. I just have one email address and use only that everywhere.

Tried again.. Same message. "Email address does not match our records"! Now if I wait one more day.. or even one more hour.. prices would go up!!

Not one to take setbacks.. smart that I was...I called up the credit card company.

Told them the problem. They asked me 101 questions to ascertain that it was me that was calling and said the email address they had on record had one letter missing!!! Some data entry carelessness!! So I told them.. please change it right away coz I have a pretty expensive ticket to book. Sure he said he'd change it but it will take effect after 48 hours. Cant it be done now? No sir. Sorry sir it will take 48 hours.

That was too bad. Did not even have time to use my cousin's card and book it at night!!

But I was smart..

I immediately hit the net. Sent a test mail to that "wrong" email address. It bounced back which meant that address didnt exist. Immediately created a new account with that "wrong" address. Cool so far.

Went back to my online booking. Gave this "wrong" address. Yes sir, it said. And I printed out the ticket for 35K.

I was damn smart...was'nt I. Felt so happy that I was smart and went home that evening with the ticket in my pocket and my head amongst the clouds.

Night. Logged in again just to check how many thousands I had saved by my smartness.

The page loaded.

Ticket for Friday 31K.

Ticket for Sunday..Also 31k.

Thud Thud Thud*..

* wall and head meeting produces Thud!


Nithz said...

Hahahaha, Murphy's Law - a perfect example

Lakshman said...

ha.ha.. :) really u r smart... :p

Sarvesh said...

Lol...The last part has happened to me a lot of times....:)

Blue bird said...

Hmm ! Bein smart s good but u r 'over smart' :-p

Reflections said...

LOL...u've written the story of my life;-D

Anonymous said...

random visitor
Thu Nov 05, 04:37:00 AM 2009

Anonymous said...

You should start writing again!